Working Abroad - Discussion B2

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We are going to discuss things like the difficulties, adapting to new cultures, and the good parts of working abroad. It's an excellent way to practice speaking and improve your English skills.

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Duration 1 h / 1 weeks
Course has ended
2 - 8 students in class

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The "Working Abroad - Discussion B2" class is specifically tailored for English learners at the B2 proficiency level. In this class, you will delve into a wide range of topics related to international employment. We will discuss the challenges and rewards of working in foreign countries, exploring issues such as cultural adaptation, language barriers, and the benefits of gaining international experience. Through interactive and engaging conversations, you are encouraged to express your opinions, share personal experiences, and participate in group discussions, all of which serve to enhance your language proficiency and conversational skills. This class offers a platform for learners to build confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in English, particularly in the context of working abroad.


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